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$BRCT Staking Terminal

You get 1 BRC Ticket per every 3000 $BRCT staked, per hour. One .btc domain claim costs 1000 BRC Tickets.

«BRC App Launchpad Levels»

Level 1: 5,000 tokens (1 ticket)
Level 2: 9,500 tokens (2 tickets)
Level 3: 13,500 tokens (3 tickets)
Level 4: 25,000 tokens (7 tickets)
Level 5: 100,000 tokens (30 tickets)

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How BRC App Staking Works
Stake $BRCT, get BRC Tickets
3000 $BRCT staked gives 1 BRCT Ticket per hour. One .btc domain claim costs 1000 BRC Tickets.
1000 Tickets = 1 Unique Domain
Web3 domains on Bitcoin is the debut domain market created by BRC App. After the success of Ethereum domains, Bitcoin domains are an emerging class looking to take Ethereum's throne.
Unstake Anytime
You can exit staking anytime - there's no lock. Once you unstake, your tokens will enter a 10 cooldown period and will be released within 10 days. If you want to exit early, you can choose to pay a 20% premium and get tokens back early.
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